DIE RPG Open Beta

The DIE RPG is written by Kieron and allows to make your own version of the first arc of your series, played between two and four sessions.

This release consists of three parts.

The Manual: Everything you need to know to play.
The Handouts: Includes all the character sheets (both full and light) and the material for the Gamesmaster.
The Arcana: weird stuff and supplementary material, including some extra help for new players.

DIE: V1.2 is the latest edition, which is adds to the three above PDFs. Most significantly, it replaces the character classes from the handouts entirely, introduces limited character advancement and has a new take on the Fool’s core ability.

This an early version by a gleeful amateur. It’s about DIE the situation rather than the specifics of DIE. As in, you generate a group of real world people, who then sit down to play a role-playing game, before getting dragged into a fantasy world. Yes, it’s a little Meta. One of the playtesters described it as a manual of how to make your own Kieron Gillen-esque story, which I quite like. There’s a lot of me trying to explain how stories work, and how DIE works specifically. That means I suspect some of it will be interesting to folks who have no interest in RPGs at all. There are also at least three funny jokes.

If folks seem to like it, we’ll be thinking of doing more down the line. There’s certainly a lot of room of areas where we’d like to develop, not least a campaign mode and more about the world of DIE.

If you’ve any thoughts, drop a line to dierpgplaytest@gmail.com.

There is a Discord for discussion of the Beta here. It also includes some extra player generated resources and lovely chatty folks.

You can play with online character sheets, which are here. From the Gauntlet Community, but updated by Kieron.

Here’s a sheet references in the current Manual for aid with playing online games, as a backdrop for your dice rolling software.